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Relocation Tips

Relocating can be challenging and expensive. When looking for property in any area you need to have good local knowledge, and also understand the local market, which is time consuming, if you already have a job to do 9-5. Here’s a few tips we wrote for Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo in 2010 – all are still […]

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Is it worth having an inventory?

Is it worth having an inventory? Some landlords ask us… is it worth having an inventory on my rental property? Is it worth having an inventory on an unfurnished rental property? Or sometimes is it worth doing an inventory at all?  Many landlords across the UK don’t create correct Inventories, that’s even if they do one […]

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More Landlords Tips!

If you’re a private landlord and you’re looking for the best tenants, the best way to find the best tenants is advertising smarter! Advertising your property in places like Rightmove, Zoopla, Find a property and Prim location is all well and good but what do you do when ideal tenant walks through the door? The […]

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Keeping the best tenants – 3 Landlord tips

We know you’re a smart landlord because you’re reading this, you’re also here at where private landlords advertise smarter, but do you do everything you need to do to ensure that you keep the ideal tenants that we found for you? Do you do everything you can to ensure your new tenants stay at your property longer. Because […]

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Attracting the best tenants

Private Landlord- do you do enough? Have you ever wondered how to find the best tenants? Ever had issues with poor quality tenants? Ever wondered how to get that long term tenant for your property with the minimum minimal cost and the least hassle? You see the most landlords know what the right tenant […]

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